WMAA staff is comprised by lawyers and interns inclined toward advanced studies and with a strong vocation for legal research. Combining academic degrees with participation in legal practice, its members confront intricate aspects of transactions and cases, develop opinions and analysis and participate actively in the firm’s knowledge management process, creating and updating databases of case law and legal writings. The sum of these activities provides quality, sophistication and creativity in the final result produced by WMAA professionals.

dois candangos equipe

Walter José Faiad de Moura
Simone Moura

Aline Menezes Dias
Sabrina Cardoso Bernardo
Fernanda Saback Gurgel
Otávio Madeira Sales Lima
Érica Saad Machado
Laís Barros Mendes de Morais
Mariana Rodrigues Guerra
Rafael Ciarlini Ferreira
Diego Guedes da Silva
Bárbara Bento Mota
Thiago Ferreira Dos Santos
Fernando Otto S. de Almeida